Hudson Mills Golf Course Update

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Recently I posted that the area golf courses were set to open.  However, due to the tornado that struck Dexter on March 15th, the opening of Hudson Mills Golf Course has been delayed indefinitely.

As told by Denise Semion, chief of communications for the park to Nathan Bomey of, the golf course is littered with debris from the storm.  Per Denise: “It seems like the most significant damage was by holes 13 and 14.  The trees are basically scattered every which way like someone came along with an egg beater.”

photo courtesy of Hudson Mills Metropark

Semion further told Bomey that it was too early to tell when the golf course would be able to reopen or whether the parts of the course would need to be reconstructed.  The majority of the clearing should be done by now.



  1. Please note we issued a news release last week that the course is scheduled to open this Friday, April 6.

    Denise Semion
    Chief of Communications, Huron-Clinton Metroparks

    • Denise, thank you so much for your update. I suscribe to HCMP newsletter and check the local news site before documenting anything and did not see any news release! Thank goodness for the golfers that it was not as long a delay as the article I referenced indicated. Happy Golfing to all!!

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