Investing advice – from Warren Buffett

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I came across this article this morning from Warren Buffett on CNBC.  This goes in line with my recent blog post about how investors are helping our recovery.  It has always been said, real estate is a good investment.  There is only so much land.  Homes will always be needed.  If you are looking for an “industry”or “service” that will never become obsolete, home leasing – even ownership – is it.

Regardless of the rest of the article, and Warren Buffett’s political views, it can not be argued that he has done well financially and obviously made wise business choices.  He states that “along with equities, single family homes are a very attractive investment right now.”  He further states that “If held for a long period of time and purchased at low rates, houses are even better than stocks”.  His advice is to take out a 30 year mortgage and refinance if the rates go down.

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