Lakelands Trails

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Lakelands Trail, is now a 19 mile long trail that is part of the State of Michigan Parks and Recreation system.  This trail extends from Hamburg Township through Putnam Township (in which the village of Pinckney is located), all the way to the village of Stockbridge.

The majority of the trail in Hamburg Township is paved, making it usable for street bikes and rollerblades.  There are several stops you can make along the way for refreshments – the least of which is the popular Zukey Lake Tavern!  Stop there for a meal or drink on the roof deck overlooking Zukey Lake (part of the Portage Lake Chain of Lakes) then continue on your way!

Once you head west and cross into the Putnam Township portion, the majority of the trail to Stockbridge is gravel.  At this point the north side of the trail is designed for hiking, bicycling, and wheelchair use, while the south side is for horseback riding.

This is a fantastic day outing for the whole family!

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